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We love Vodka here at Valhalla York and have always found it tends to sit somewhere in the shadows of gin given gins recent popularity here in the UK. Vodka is a versatile and wonderful spirit and we have felt for some time how we would love our own unique vodka that shows its versatility.

This led us to get in touch with the award-winning York based Cooper King Distillery in 2022. After months of discussions and tasting sessions (it’s a hard life) we finally found the wonderful recipe that you will now find in Valkyrie Vodka.

Cold distilled using Yorkshire wheat spirit, raspberry leaf and bay leaf are added to give a refreshingly smooth and elegant vodka to create a well-rounded spirit with a crisp and satisfying finish. We recommend serving Valkyrie vodka quite simply over ice or with your favourite ice-cold tonic to really appreciate the fresh, clean, and complex aromatics.

To create a vodka of exceptional character Cooper King take an innovative approach to distillation by cold distilling botanicals under vacuum. Once the distillation process has run its course everything is bottled and labelled by hand by the small and dedicated team. The batch number is handwritten on each bottle to provide full traceability back through the process.

As well as a fantastic product we were keen to ensure the sustainability of it. The distillation process is done using 100% renewable energy. Bottled in lightweight glass bottles made from 55% recycled glass and closed with a tamper proof seal made in the UK from sustainably sourced wood cellulose which will biodegrade in your compost in 12 weeks.

As well as this we also donate 40 pence from each bottle sold to the Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust (YDMT). Each donation allows them to restore 1 square metre of wildflower habitat in Yorkshire.

Why Valkyrie?

For centuries the Valkyries are one of the most enduring parts of Norse mythology. From literature, operas, and contemporary art. Fearsome and beautiful female warriors the Valkyries fly high above the battlefield, swooping down to earth on horseback and choosing only the bravest and most worthy warriors at the point of death to be taken to Valhalla.

In short, we love the Valkyries. When we began to explore producing our own vodka there really was only one choice for what we felt it should be called.

Ingredients and Specification;

  • Yorkshire wheat spirit, Raspberry Leaf and Bay Leaf.
  • 40% ABV.
  • 70 CL bottle.

Tasting Notes

  • A refreshingly smooth and elegant Vodka.

Enticing notes of bay leaf softly combine with raspberry leaf to create a well-rounded spirit with a warm, crisp, and satisfying finish.

  • Fresh/Clean/Crisp/Rounded/Warming/Elegant/Complex/Aromatic.

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