Valhalla Clän Keyring

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A clan is “a group of people with a strong common interest”. That tends to sum up the vast majority of the people that head to our place!

So, in honour of the fine collective of people that walk through our door, and the great atmosphere said people create, we have had some Valhalla Clän Keyrings made. To recognise the people that make our place Rock, and also as a reminder that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

These keyrings have an amazing amount of detail and will keep your keys company in true Valhalla style.
At the end of the year for each product we sell in the Clän range we will also donate 50 pence to York Mind which is a registered charity that helps support people with mental health needs.

Those in need get a little support, you get something cool and we get to make a little money on the way.